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Tracheostomy Care

The American Home Health Agency Skilled Nurses may offer tracheostomy care to those who have the contraption. A tracheostomy is inserted in the windpipe through a hole in the neck when breathing difficulties; whether due to structural problems, obstruction or airway functioning disturbance; occur. To ensure the patency of the artificial airway, proper cleaning and maintenance should be done.

This task is done only by professionals to guard the oxygenation needs and comfort of the client. And since it is an invasive procedure, much attention to sterility should be given. Our agency has experienced healthcare professionals as well as the right supplies; from sterile gauzes, brushes, saline solutions and povidone iodine solutions; to carry out this task properly.

We understand how breathing is important to our overall health. Thus, we seek to get the most out of life for you by doing what we can in coordination with your Physician.

For further information about this service, please do not hesitate to call us at 305-817-8088 or reach us through our online contact us form.

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